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May 7

No One Has a Problem with James Bond: a Two-part Commentary on Fandom Criticism and the Art of Minimizing Female Characters (Part I)


The debate on the Mary Sue-ness of Charlie Bradbury has been populating my dashboard for a while now and I’m afraid I’m about to butt in.

I have some serious issues with the fact that Charlie Bradbury is -once again- being described as a Mary Sue character. 

First and foremost, I don’t think there’s a real understanding of the term actually means or what having a Mary Sue entails for the viewer/reader and for the narrative itself*. Still, from what I can tell, it seems fandom has agreed that a Mary Sue character is a one that allows its author a measure of wish fulfillment so great that the character itself stretches –and breaks- credibility. A Mary Sue a caricature, an over-simplification of what real characters ought to be.   

There are two parts to this wish-fulfillment model that I’d like to address: number one is the wish part itself (where it stems from) and number two is the fandom perception of what constitutes authorial wish-fulfillment when it comes to the writers of our little show.

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So after watching the Supernatural episode with Henry Winchester the Men of Letters symbol stuck out in my mind. This thing, for visual minds like me.


I was sitting in Barnes and Noble, minding my own buisness and reading random books when I happened upon a book called The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols. Out of curiosity I started flipping through the pages and came up on something called the Unicursal Hexagram. The one in the book looks like this.

I was reading and apparently it was created by a guy named Aleister Crowley and has similar protection functions like the Pentagram Star. With the rose in the center it is the symbol of an organization called the Divine Feminine. Its thought to allow one “to face the darkness in order to understand it.”

I just thought it was interesting and was thinking about possible connections and future things that could spring from the symbol. Fun facts for the masses whoooo.



out there in the real world, you’re dying. and i might be too. we gotta find a way to break this loop.”

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An Argument in Tropes - A Destiel Meta


In which I talk a bit about Dean and Cas and the specific tropes their dynamic has been touching on this season.

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It’s about light and time.


blueshift is any decrease in wavelength (increase in frequency); the opposite effect is referred to as redshift. In visible light, this shifts the color from the red end of the spectrum to the blue end. The term also applies when photons outside the visible spectrum (e.g. x-rays and radio waves) are shifted toward shorter wavelengths, as well as to shifts in the de Broglie wavelength of particles. Blueshift is most commonly caused by relative motion toward the observer, described by the Doppler effect. An observer in a gravity well will also see infalling radiation gravitationally blueshifted, described byGeneral Relativity in the same way as gravitational redshift. In a contracting universe, cosmological blueshift would be observed; the expanding universe gives a cosmological redshift, and the expansion is observed to be accelerating. (x)

Angels are beings of light. They are literaly multidimentional wavelenghs. They are made of photons and moved by celestial intent.

Light takes different colours for us, depending on its souce, its distance, by what it goes through, the eye of the observer etc.

Now what if Heaven or God himself is the source ? What if that source went supernova ? And what if someone tries to change the course, or the frequency or any other “parameter” of an angel ? And then what if an other celestial object enter that light’s course ?

And what if the observer is the one who gets closer ?

Now I wonder if this was just some fun things about angels, or if they really are intending to use this later.

And in any case I’d love to hear thoughts on this if anyone has some idea ;)

Apr 7



Yeah, no problem!  I talked a little bit about it here (you can also listen to the theme), but I’ll expand a little bit okay sorry I expanded a lot, I get too excited about music.

Like I said before, music is important: it does more (imo) to dictate the tone of a scene than pretty much anything else put into it.  If you don’t believe me, try watching an action movie on mute and you’ll see what I mean.

The score in Supernatural is generally mood-driven, meaning that the music is usually tonal rather than melodic (ie it creates a mood but isn’t necessarily immediately recognizable even if you’re paying attention).  Of course, since Supernatural is a tv show and not a film, a lot of times the score is repeated for various situations- certain portions of the score are for action sequences, for comedy sequences, etc.  There are also a few instances where the music is arranged into very identifiable themes.  These themes carry their own emotional weight not just through the atmosphere they create, but because they immediately recall the scenes where they appeared previously.  The most prominent and recognizable musical theme in spn is the one that played last night, which I’ve been calling the Winchester Family Theme (on the soundtrack it’s called Americana, but only as part of a longer piece that was featured in Swan Song).

The Winchester Family Theme first showed up all the way back in season 1, in the later half of the season.  It was used to highlight the emotional weight of a conversation between Dean, Sam, and John, and has since been used to similar effect throughout the series.  It always accompanies a scene that focuses on the importance of family, on the bond between Sam and Dean, or between the boys and John (it’s possible that Bobby was included in that, although I know the scene where they burned the flash wasn’t accompanied by the Winchester Family Theme).  The composers use it pretty sparingly, meaning that it packs a punch when it actually is used.  Off the top of my head, I think it’s only been used one other time this season, and that’s in As Time Goes By, in relation to Henry.  The theme is about family, and a very limited version of that word, the version that’s about the tight nuclear family that for better or for worse the boys grew up with.  Henry’s inclusion was a nice touch, which made Henry almost a stand-in for John (Dean certainly used him that way), and it made sense, because Henry was a Winchester, and the boys eventually welcomed him into their little family.

So the use of the Winchester Family Theme during last night’s prayer scene is absolutely monumental.  I suppose you could make the argument that the theme was played because Dean was praying for Sam, just as you could complain that the prayer was about Sam and not about Cas, but if you did you’d be missing the point of the prayer: it’s not just “Watch out for my little brother” (which by itself, holy shit, Dean is trusting Cas to do the job that has always been his), it’s also “Where the hell are you, man?”.  That prayer is just as much about Cas and Dean missing Cas as it is about Dean trying to take care of Sam.  Meaning that the Winchester Family Theme is playing not just for Dean taking care of Sam, it’s also playing for Cas.  Cas has been included in the most emotional, weighted, and important musical theme that the show has. Cas has been included in the Winchester family, not because Dean belatedly told him that he’s like a brother, not because Dean mourned him or looked for him in Purgatory- it’s much more subtle than all that. That music tells a story that runs deeper than words, a story where Cas is a part of their family, a part of Dean, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, controlled by heaven or not.

And that’s pretty much everything I’ve wanted since season 6.

The Meta Monster Master Post


Heaven, Hell and Purgatory or:

The Afterlife Totally Screws Up the Morals and Philosophies of the Living in Supernatural

Putting all the pieces together

and reposting for a shameless midnight self-promotion when more people are likely to see my post.

I like Supernatural. A lot. It’s got great characters, a good, driving story, high emotional stakes and pretty deep questions. That being said, I posit in these posts, that how Supernatural treats Heaven, Hell and Purgatory actually diminishes their own sacred values of free will and choice, and at times, outright demolishes them!

So come with me, on a journey where I overthink a show starring two underwear models and their bitchin ride as they chop off heads and listen to hair metal.

I. Introduction

II. Heaven is Predetermined

III. Being Good Means Nothing in the Supernatural Universe

IV. Supernatural’s Purgatory Denies Free Will and Moral Justice

Addendum: In Conclusion

maybe there’s a message in naomi’s windows?



Jerry Wanek tweeted earlier today that there was a certain pattern to Naomi’s windows that nobody had picked up on yet. At first, I thought it was just a visual reference to an old computer punch card, meaning that Naomi was Heaven’s “programmer”, so to speak.

But when Jim Michaels tweeted back, “Is it Morse Code”, that got me thinking — what if there were a hidden message in the pattern?


Thanks to jkateel for the screencaps

I believe others have already looked up whether it means anything in binary and come up with bupkis. But what if Jim was right — what if it actually IS Morse Code?

If you assume that the window lights are the boundaries between dot and dash, and that all the lines start at the same point, then I come up with:


Now, if you put it all on one line, you get:

So, I was kinda toying around with some of the possible combinations, when I realized that the final five characters (.._..) are the combination for “?”. Which — curious.

Then if you put everything on one line, you’ll see that the first three letters could be “VFX” (…-..-.-..-) making this maybe a message from the VFX team?

Also, there are also strings for “FAKE”, “NGEL” or “A RABBI(T)”, should you assume that the letters DONT break between lines (that is, the combination for a given letter appears all on one line). 

Now, I’ve exhausted my patience with this, but I did check a few things: Because there aren’t any three dashes in a row, there can’t be any Os or Js in the message (ruling out “NAOMI” or “JERRY”), and because there are only two places with four dots, and both are part of larger sequences, Hs are very unlikely (“HEAVEN” and “HELL” are both out). The strings for ALIEN, CASS/CAS, TABLET, BENNY, DEAN, WANEK, TRIAL, KILL, SPN or GATES don’t appear either.

Hey, maybe it’s nothing. Maybe it’s just coincidence, or maybe I wrote down the pattern wrong, or whatever. But that VFX thing got me wondering if maybe there’s something more here?

Here’s a Morse Code cheatsheet from Art of


Anybody else want to take a stab at it, go ahead. Maybe you’re better at codebreaking than I am. Have fun :)




thought I could help by cleaning up the screencap so it’s easier to read. :)

Why so long, Kevin?


I’ve been wondering why it has been taking Kevin so long to read the demon tablet. He read the Leviathan tablet quickly and with very little trouble, so why is this one so difficult for him?
I see three possibilities:
1) The show is just drawing it out to get a longer story out of it.
2) The tablet is actually changing between readings, like it is linked to the Akashic Records or something and it gets automatically updated faster than poor Kevin can read.
3) Kevin’s brain is getting messed with just like Cas’. (I got this idea from reading dustydreamsanddirtyscars’ recent posts about Dean and Samandriel possibly being mind controlled by Naomi.)

So, it’s probably number one and if it were any other show, I’d definitely say it was number one.

But, since it’s Supernatural….

Number two occurred to me because of all the Theosophical stuff going on this season and I’ve been wondering why the angels would be so concerned about the angel tablet if all it does is close the gates of heaven. I always thought they preferred being in heaven to hanging out on earth anyway. I thought they would rather not have anything to do with humans if they can help it. But what if it doesn’t close the gates? What if the tablet tells something bigger?

I’m reminded of the Garden of Eden story where Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil but they got kicked out before they could eat from the tree of life. God even put a flaming sword to block the way because He said that if they ate from that tree, they’d be equal to God. The Akashic Records are sometimes referred to as “the mind of God”, like they’re some big supernatural computer that automatically records absolutely everything that happens and contains all knowledge. They’re also referred to as a big non-physical plane library, which seems like a parallel to the big physical plane library that is the Men of Letters bunker (which has a big honkin’ telescope in a prominent position pointing up to the heavens, by the way). What would make a human equal to God more than having access to God’s own mind?

If the physical tablets are somehow connected to the greater non-physical records, perhaps they can change along with the information changing. (We’ve seen that they renew themselves when held by the right person when Kevin was able to “magically” stick the broken pieces back together, so they’re not simply regular old pieces of rock.) If the forces of heaven and hell are in a mad dash to stop the Winchesters, then I think it would make sense that the information on the tablet would be changing, kind of like it’s a heavenly ipad connected to a heavenly internet.

Number three kind of ties in with number two because theosophy also includes stuff like astral projection, which was specifically referred to when James the witch used it with Sam and Dean to see what the other guy was up to. Astral projection can be used to visit other planes of existence and, as with James, other people’s minds. Is it possible that Naomi and/or Crowley is trying to read the tablet through Kevin’s eyes and it’s messing with him physically? Perhaps prophets have sort of a built-in wall to protect them from astral projection intrusion and repeated attempts to break through the wall are causing him confusion, bloody noses, and possible mini-strokes.

If the angel tablet or another ultimate tablet tells how to access ultimate knowledge and consequently ultimate power, that would explain why everyone would be scrambling to get it. It may explain why they wouldn’t just go ahead and kill Kevin and Sam and Dean, because Crowley and Naomi and Meg and anyone else who wants to get involved can just let them figure it out and then swoop in and get the prize at the last minute. (This ties in with Indiana Jones again, because isn’t that what always happens to him? He does all the work and then the bad guys follow him and try to take the prize when they get to the end of the quest.)

Edited to add: Coincidentally (maybe), Amanda Tapping played a character on Stargate-SG1 nicknamed “RepliCarter” who was looking for the “knowledge of the ancients”, which could easily be compared to the Akashic Records. (In fact, some of us old fans did just that at the time :P) She wanted the knowledge and power so that she and her army of little robot guys could take over the universe and also protect themselves from destruction from the lowly humans. How did she do that? By projecting her mind into the mind of the guy who subconsciously had access to that knowledge.

Back to Zero


I’ve seen other people comment on parts of it before, but Jen was over tonight helping dye my hair, and it was the first time I had ever verbalized it, so I thought I’d muse about it on here: I think that Purgatory finally freed Dean of 99% of the spectre of his father and other assorted shit he was carrying around with him.  And I think that’s an incredibly important thing.  

Seriously.  We’ve seen Dean more this season than we ever have, rather than the over-compensating John’s Good Son we first met in seasons 1-3 or the broken Survivor of Hell and the Apocalypse we were with in seasons 4-7.  He called Purgatory “pure,” but I think it was more than that, that it fulfilled its literal name: Purgatory, from purgatorium, second declension genitive, from purgo, to cleanse, to purify, to purge.  

Since then, Dean has changed.  His clothing choices have become more individualized and exploratory.  He shows no shame at being geeky and playful in ways that John would have condemned.  He is more relaxed.  He smiles more easily…real smiles, not cocky Han Solo smirks.  His drinking has dropped to practically healthy levels.  He is no longer over-compensating sexually or with food.  He talks about John as something traumatic and upsetting and sad and complicated but resolved rather than an open wound or a place he feels like he’s a failure.  He doesn’t feel the need to posture every other sentence, though he’s kept his snarky sense of humor.  When a man hits on him - whatever your opinion of his sexual orientation - he doesn’t feel the need to insist that he’s OMG SO TOTES STR8 HOW COULD YOU THINK THAT THERE’VE BEEN RULERS NAMED AFTER ME!  He seems to enjoy the idea of having a base of operations rather than clinging to the road life.  Whether circumstances allow him to keep them or not, he is seeking friendships outside The Family.  He even seems to have accepted that Sammy has grown up and not only can have, but maybe should have a life beyond him.

We are finally starting to see the emergence of just plain Dean Winchester.  Not John’s Son or Alastair’s New Animal or the Going Through the Motions survivor of the Apocalypse.   Because I think Purgatory stripped away a lot of the heaviest pieces of baggage he carried:

  • He was gone for a year and nothing Bad (or even bad) happened to Sammy. 
  • He was gone for a year and no Great Evil rose up on Earth and caused some kind of horrible shit to go down that he could have stoppped. 
  • He held his own, armed with only a homemade axe, against the worst monsters that ever lived on their home turf, for a year.  After that, no matter what John or Samuel said, nothing can make you wonder if you’re a ‘good enough’ or ‘tough enough’ Hunter.
  • He had to figure out how to survive on the fly against whatever was attacking without books, the internet, Bobby, or Sam.  And he hasn’t really deprecated his own intelligence since, because I think he learned to value the kind of brilliant he really is even without it having an LSAT score or a good head for Latin. 
  • He made friends with a monster, which meant a lot of the old absolutism that tortured him had to be let go.
  • He got dried out from the booze cold turkey, which although brutal as FUCK, also was a hell of a lesson not to go down that road again.
  • He forgave Cas and loved him again (take that by whatever definition of love you will).  And if Cas could be forgiven for that much serious Bad Shit - including unleashing the Leviathan and breaking Sam - it’s impossible for even Dean to insist that he himself is unforgivable or can’t be loved after he _____. 
  • He found a way to save Cas from Purgatory that only failed because Cas chose to stay, which satisfies the “debt” of being raised from Hell.
  • He fought like a true warrior for a year, finding Cas “the bloody way”, but never resorted to any of Alastair’s shit, and it still worked.  
  • He had to fully embrace “different plane of existence, different rules, different morals,” which makes it easier to let go of what he did in Hell.  

And I think that’s hugely important for him as a character, as well as boding very highly for the next few seasons on two fronts that are sort of the good news and the bad news.  

The good news is that stagnant characters are bad.  Characters need to grow, change, but if that spiral is exclusively downward, you run into a problem.  By the end of Season 7, Dean really was at rock bottom.  He had to be helped one way or another, or there was no believable way that you could bring that man another crisis without his answer being to say “nope, sorry, I am utterly devoid of fucks to give” and drinking himself to oblivion or eating his own gun.   They had to find a way to hit the reset button, and I’m SO glad they did it in a way that was believable and constructive and not only kept him Dean but is giving us more Dean than we’ve ever had rather than giving him amnesia, killing him and replacing him with a clone or alternate timeline self, etc.  

The bad news, of course, is that hitting the reset button also gives them the ability to hurt him again without pushing him over the edge.  And they’re going to.  Because the poor bastard is the protagonist on a serial drama.  But I really do think that he’s stronger and more ready to handle it than he ever has been, and I’m fascinated to watch this play out.

Nice to meet you, Dean Winchester.  I think I like Present You.